Why Hockey Goalies Should Bench Press

In my follow as a health and fitness coach I do not normally need to sit down and convince an athlete that bench pressing is appropriate instruction for goalies. Generally, I require to persuade them that they do not need to have to bench push and biceps curl on a each day basis. Usually, it is when I am talking with other fitness coaches that I have to have to espouse the virtues of bench press coaching for goalies or any hockey participant for that make any difference.

All right, I can see the goalies out there studying this posting and wondering, “now this is my form of trainer!” and health and fitness coaches out there reading through it thinking, “this trainer is an fool!” I do not want to discussion possibly issue these days, but I do want to level out that there are lots of bench push variations, some currently being really helpful for hockey goalies.

Variation #1 – The Barbell Bench Push

This is what you promptly imagined of when you read through the title of this report. It is almost certainly why you clicked as a result of to read it. This variation destinations the athlete flat on their again on a bench with their toes flat on the floor and urgent a barbell from their chest to an extended elbow posture. Does this have any location in the hockey goalie’s energy education? If this athlete will be analyzed in the bench push at training camp, then of course it does! If this is not a part of pre-time tests then in my training for goalies it receives really minimal rotation. Since there is small stabilization expected via the main and hips I believe the strength produced with this training is not maximally transferrable onto the ice. Recall we are only trying to establish energy that we can use on the ice. You are not trying to devote several hours in the gymnasium creating large dumb muscle groups that will only weigh you down when it will come to truly participating in hockey.

Variation #2 – Dumbbell Push on a Steadiness Ball

Now we are chatting! Pardon me if I get a minor technical here, but the 1st thing you will need to hold in intellect is the basic principle that muscles do not do the job as persons, they do the job in chains. So when I consider of a dumbbell bench press on the security ball I am not just imagining in phrases of the pecs, triceps and anterior deltoid. I am contemplating of the fascial connections that Thomas Myers describes so perfectly in his reserve Anatomy Trains. The chain of muscle and connective tissue which links the Pectoralis Main (upper body muscle mass) to the Rectus Femoris (six pack muscle groups) and into the Adductors (groins). Astounding is not it there is a link amongst your groins and your upper body muscular tissues! In phrases of goaltending, photograph the hyperlink when you make one particular of those impressive glove saves although going down into a break up place – stretch on groin, extend on ab muscles, stretch on chest and shoulder, but no damage!

The to start with thing to do if you want to test this training is to make confident you have a burst resistant significant good quality balance ball. Do not use a single that you picked up at the low cost retail store for fifteen bucks! That ball could burst and severe injury will end result.

Now that you have your high high quality balance ball you will start off with a load around 10-20lbs lighter than you usually use for dumbbell push. Make guaranteed the ball is sitting on a non-slip floor this kind of as a rubber ground. Again, if the ball slides out from underneath you, you are heading to damage you. Sit on the balance ball holding one dumbbell in each hand, resting them on your thighs. Gradually walk your ft forward as you lay again on to the ball. Continue on going for walks your feet ahead till the ball is resting at shoulder degree and the back again of your head is flippantly touching the ball. Now elevate your hips so you make a straight line from your knees, by your hips, to your shoulders. Maintain this place all through the full set.

Recall when I talked about the chain of muscle mass you use when you execute the bench push? Nicely, accomplishing the exact training on a stability ball activates an additional chain of muscle mass and 1 that is vital when we are chatting about coaching for goalies. By keeping your hips up as you execute bench press on the ball you are activating the “superficial back again line and the posterior purposeful line”. In other words now, as a substitute of training the pecs, anterior deltoid, triceps, abdominals and groin muscular tissues, you are also education your hamstrings, glutes which are large pushing muscle tissue, back extensors which aid you preserve your upper body up all through a extensive sport without having slouching in to a fatigued posture and even your latissimus dorsi. That is receiving a minimal extra return on your investment of time and exertion, is just not it?

Want to get a minimal bit far more out of the bench push? Ok, try out this – 1 Armed Dumbbell Push on a Security Ball. At the time again you will want to use a somewhat lighter body weight than you applied for the two handed variation. This variation will deliver in the stomach obliques to a better extent and your will truly sense the glute (butt muscle) on the same facet as the dumbbell performing challenging to continue to keep your stable. When accomplishing this exercise, make absolutely sure you retain your hips up and level, do not allow your hip on one particular side to dip. If you are not able to execute the physical exercise with fantastic system, then lighten the bodyweight until you can. Keep in mind, you are only as sturdy as your weakest muscle in the connection.

So there you have it my argument for why hockey goalies should bench push. Should they only bench push? No. I am essentially a huge admirer of thrust up variants and standing cable press, but in some cases the bench push gets discounted as a bodybuilder physical exercise, when it in fact does have a put in schooling for goalies.

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