Take in 1 Complete Pizza Daily and Drop Weight – The Stunning Weight Reduction Experiment Effects

At any time ponder what it’d be like if you could try to eat your favourite foodstuff that you knew was unhealthy… and nevertheless lose excess weight? Perfectly, I puzzled that myself. Then I went about looking at how I could eliminate excess weight consuming my favorite foods (pizza) everyday.

I have a great deal of bodyweight loss shoppers who have no discipline and just can’t take in wholesome for far more than a couple of times… even if I had been to put a gun to their heads (Alright, not definitely… no gun associated).

So I have to develop out-of-the-box techniques for them to eliminate pounds. Anyway, here are the stunning success of my “Pizza a Day Weight Loss Experiment”.

Now, one of my beloved foods is the Mexican Design Totino’s frozen pizzas. Cost, 98 cents at Wal-Mart. So my plan was to try to eat 1 of these a day for 10 times.

This is how I did it:


I ate 3 scrambled eggs with a 1/2 can of black beans… and 2 tablespoons of bitter cream. Alright, with me so significantly? I am not having the pizza each meal. Only 2 meals… and I’m restricting myself to only 3 foods (which I ordinarily you should not do).

This is a overall of about 415 web calories. I’m not counting the carbs in fiber. The eggs were 210 energy, the black beans were 145 web energy, and the sour product was 60 calories.


1/2 of the frozen Totino’s pizza with one more 1/2 can of black beans, and 2 tablespoons of bitter cream. 1/2 of the pizza equals 360 calories, 18 grams of body fat, 36 grams of carbs, and 16 grams of protein. The 1/2 can of black beans has a internet whole of about 145 energy due to the fact I’m not counting the carbs in fiber. The sour product yet again is 60 calories.

So this meal was 565 energy.


For supper, I had the other 50 % of the pizza, yet another 1/2 can of black beans, and a different 2 tablespoons of sour product. (Be aware: Won’t be able to you inform that I appreciate black beans! They’re high in protein and fiber with out any sugar carbs! I consider them a superfood!) So this meal was yet another 565 energy.

So my totals… I had about 1545 legitimate energy. 91 grams of protein, 40 grams of fiber, 65 grams of body fat, and 142 web grams of carbs.

Unwanted fat totals:

11 grams sour cream

36 grams pizza

5 grams black beans

13 grams eggs

Protein totals:

18 grams eggs

3 grams sour cream

38 grams black beans

32 grams pizza

Web Carb Totals:

63 grams black beans

6 grams bitter cream

1 gram eggs

72 grams pizza

The only other point I ate through these times was fruit for snacks… amid the selections… apples, grapefruit, bananas, blueberries, and raspberries. I did not bother incorporating in these calories. I only drank water as well.

Now, the shocking final results…

I failed to know what to hope given that frozen pizzas are certainly not nutritious. I also was possessing a whole lot of carbs. Anyway, in the 10 days, I dropped a overall of 3 kilos. A accomplishment! It labored.

Given that then, I’ve put some of my customers on slightly modified variations of this diet regime and about 80% of them ended up capable to drop pounds. So this gets my thumbs up if you want to shed pounds… and, if you only do it for a quick interval of time. Heck, it truly is truly low cost way too. Value significantly less than $2 a working day. Woohoo.

So to be distinct… you can eat “unhealthy” and still shed bodyweight. I didn’t transform anything at all with my workout program. So the bodyweight loss experienced nothing at all to do with working out additional.

Would I advise you to are living off of this food plan forever? Certainly not. But for 7-10 days, of course, it can assistance you to drop fat even though having tasty, unhealthy food items. Hmm, it’s possible I ought to produce an ice cream and potato chips pounds loss diet plan! Nah, just kidding!

Reward Suggestion: For a ridiculous diet regime like this to operate, you need to have to choose foodstuff that are high in protein and or fiber to base the diet regime off of… or use large protein/fiber meals as increase-ons in the food plan. With this diet plan, the black beans were being large in fiber and protein. The pizzas ended up “well balanced”. Anyway, I essentially have developed a several more insane meal plans like this for my clients based mostly off of diverse meals. The outcomes for them have been related to the “Pizza a Working day Bodyweight Loss Experiment” success.

So don’t get set in your wondering on how to drop body weight. There are numerous different approaches.

If I have been to give you a handful of far more weight loss plans like this, do you imagine you could give 1 of them a test and establish or disprove them to yourself?

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